Java action game list

A list of free single-player action games that work on computers near me (Linux, BSD, no java3D, java 1.4.2).

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Cyberion Istisoft year Vertical scrolling shooter
CyOnBreak Istisoft year Breakout
Abalis Fernando Cerini year? Vertical shooter
Alien Daniel Andrews 2003 Sharp shooter
Absolute Space Aleksey Udovydchenko 2000 vertical shooter
Basketball Piet Jonas 1997-1999 Artillery
Bap! author year Breakout
Breakout author year Breakout
Canoe Clobber author year Catch and avoid
Centipedo author year Centipede
Critturs author year Sharp shooter
Cross Section author year ??
BMTron author year Tron
Don's Dugout Karl Ho"rnell year Dig Dug
Drop Game author year Catch and avoid
Defender of the Moon Lennart Steinke year sharp shooter
Double author year Pipe Dreams
Eliminator Riz ? 1999 Puzzle
Save the Planet RJHM van den Bergh 1996 vertical shooter
Gotcha author year Buffalo Roundup
Gopher Bash author year Bash
GymKhana author year 3D race
Hard Block R author year Breakout
Iceblox author year Pengo
Jaman Pham Hong Nguyen 2000 Pacman
Jump? Burkhard Ratheiser 1999 Clowns
Jet Slalom MRC year 3D race
Jonah author year Catch and avoid
Moonstar Luna-Tic year Tetris/Columns
Moon Raid author year genre
Maniac Racers year Overhead scrolling race game
Night Driver Derek Ramey year 3D race
Nibbly Karsten Mandrup Nielsen year Snakey in a maze
Pacman Brian Postma 2000 Pacman
Broomsticks Paul J. Rajlich year Soccer-type game
Red Bugs Jake Holmes 1999 Catch and avoid
Razza invaders Paul Turner author year Shooter
Rat in Maze author year Maze
Snake Pit Mike Hall 1998 Snakey
Ducks author year Sharp shooter
Skeet Shooting Karsten Mandrup Nielsen year Sharp shooter
Space Invaders author year Space Invaders
Street Combat Paul Turner? year Fight game
Tail Gunner author year Sharp shooter
Table Soccer Peter Baldwin 2000 Soccer
Torpedo Alley author 1997 Shooter
Trouble Underground Karsten Mandrup Nielsen? year Firebirds
Tux on the Run Lennart Steinke year Platform
Warp author year Xenon
Warp 1.5 Karl Ho"rnell year Xenon
Zapper author year Sharp shooter
Collapse Game House? year genre
Javanoid Re'mi Faitout year Breakout
Mower Mole Emeye Gudorwat 2000 Pacman variant
Wicky Woo David Carachelo 2001 Platform
Wicky Woo 2 author year ???
Rocks author year Missile Command
Sphere Runner author year Solar Fox
Fill It! Burkhard Ratheiser 1999 genre
3D blox Karl Ho"rnell year Interesting isometric game
Raster Magic Pinball Toshiaki Takasaka 1997 Pinball
Rollin' author year Trailblazer
Drop Out Camadro ? 1999 Drop Out
Adios Amoebas! Karl Ho"rnell year Maze shooter
UFO Buster author year Interesting Time Pilot like game
Digger author year Mr. Do
Battle Tank GarrInk Development year Battle Tank
Laser Wheel Burkhard Ratheiser 2000 Gyruss
WebWar Burkhard Ratheiser 1999 Star wars (c64)
Galaxy 2 Toshiaki Takasaka 1997 Shooter
Area Flat 2 Shiftup 1999 Shooter
Galaxy Fighter author year Shooter
Gal Axian Shigeru Oohara year ???
Zapper Burkard Ratheiser 1999 Shooter
Meltdown Andrew Gower? / Jagex? 1999? Scrolling shooter
Spearhead Werner Weingraber 2000 Side shooter
Time Pilot Jean-Franc5ois Buisson 1998 Time Pilot
Radical Aces Radical Play year Interesting 3D flying game
Rockslide Volker Schrödter 2003 Boulderdash
Frozen Bubble author year Frozen Bubble
Cliffie Nilsen & Sjo/lie 1998 Maze
Ringtris Mark Wutka 1996 Tetris
Star Mines Jari Karjala 1999 Omega Race
Stoneroids 98 Stonerware Enterprises 1998 Asteroids
Andrews Asteroids Andrew Reid 2002 Asteroids/Spacewar
Hover Tanks Christian Mosbo and Craig Collins 2000-2001 Combat
Huntack Ion Chen 1997,2001 Shooter
Zombie 3 Hardcore Pawn year Wolfenstein 2D type shooter
Zombie 4 Hardcore Pawn year Herding
Fly! Hardcore Pawn year Shooter
Tank Hunter Ben Librojo 2003 Battle Tank
Air Dude Gameoholic year Platform
Bump! author year ??? (site down)
Bomber Ad Riedijk 1999 Bomberman
Bumper Cars Jennifer Schmidt year Race / catch and avoid
Don't be Square Gamegate year Amidar
Starfighter Gamegate year Asteroids
Brix Gamegate year Tetris
Froggie Gamegate year Frogger
Roboman Gamegate year Pacman
Snake Gamegate year Snakey
Ready, aim, fire Gamegate year Frozen bubble
Poc 98 Naoki Ito 2002 shoot em up
Ywiqer2 Naoki Ito 2002 interesting lemmings-like game
balls Naoki Ito 2002 routing game
DP Naoki Ito 2002? Timing game
Kl Jet Naoki Ito 2002? Platform game
qnJkhb Naoki Ito 2003 Catch and avoid
Bol Naoki Ito 2003? Routing game
Lode Naoki Ito 2002? Lode runner
Isitar Naoki Ito 2002? Lemmings
Muppy Naoki Ito 2001 Trampoline, platform
Budgie 'n ped Naoki Ito 2002 Platform game
repum Naoki Ito 2002 catch and avoid
Bee Naoki Ito 2002 Bomberman like maze game
Dlgate Naoki Ito 2002 Bomberman like maze game
Doopv Naoki Ito 2002 Catch and avoid
Sp Naoki Ito 2002 Platform
Aala Naoki Ito 2003 Arkanoid
Balloon Naoki Ito year ??? (won't run?)
Plopnoid year Arkanoid
Astronoids year Asteroids
Paqman year Pacmania
Puyoo year Tetris / Drop variant
Traill Rider year Trailblazer
Tootris year Tetris
Star Cab, Jens Tinz year Space Taxi
Boulder Game, Ru"diger Klaehn et al 2000 Boulderdash
Bombergame year Bomberman
Boulderland Holger Knublauch year Boulderdash
Doomsday Ben Librojo 2003 Missile Command
Doug the Duck vs UFO author year Drelbs
Javaders Kevin Toyne 1997-2002 Space Invaders
Think Tint Joker Games year Puzzle
Nutz Damian Slee 1999-2002? Donkey Kong
Formula Racing Damian Slee 1999-2002? Overhead scrolling race game
Invaders Damian Slee 1999-2002? Space Invaders
Bar Wars Damian Slee 1999-2002? Tapper
The Amazing Snail Damian Slee 1999-2002? Pacman
Turtle Hurtle Damian Slee 1999-2002? Frogger
Sam Spade Damian Slee 1999-2002? Dig Dug
Block 4 Damian Slee 1999-2002? Tetris
Bug Buster Damian Slee 1999-2002? Centipede
Conkers Damian Slee year Breakout variant
Hop It Damian Slee 1999-2002? Q-bert
Incoming! Damian Slee 1999-2002? Missile Command
Race 3D David Brackeen year Pole Position
Scared David Brackeen year Doom
Spaceball X3Mgames 2001-2003? Frozen Bubble
Traffic 2000 X3Mgames 2001-2003? Traffic
Chain Reactions X3Mgames 2001-2003? Blocks puzzle
War Zone 2 author 2003 Battle Tank variant
Holeman Blazing Games 1999, 2004-2006 Platform
Missile Master Blazing Games 1998,2003-2006 Missile Command
Cletus & the tree of delicious nuts Ralph Capper and Gregg Elovich 2003 Mario type platform game
TinyEverKill Ralph Capper 2003 real-time Roguelike
Fireman fireman Funspot year Bouncing Babies
Cherry Picker Funspot year Catch em
Blast Em Funspot year Shooter
Podman 1997-2003 Pacman
Blocks 1997-2003 Tetris
Spaceworm 1997-2003 Snakey
Marble Drop Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Diamond Drop
Demolition Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Tetris
Plumber Pete Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Pipe Dreams
Quarantine Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Qix
Collector Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Zoop variant
Gems Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Columns
JRoids Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Asteroids
Invasion Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 XBill
Wormz Netives, Eduardo Fernandez. 2004-2006 Worms (training worms)
Superkid Burkhard Ratheiser year Mario
GalaxyTag Steve A. Baker year genre
SnakeJump and others Will Jordan year Platform-like
Slime Volleybal Quin Pendragon, Daniel Wedge year Sports
Various "ball" games Quin Pendragon et al year Sports
SPRacing mahgdd year 8-directional scrolling racer
Clone Invasion mahgdd year Crosshair shooter
Tetris Ngai Kim Hoong year Tetris
Downhill Challenge author year 3D race
GTroids (application) Andreas Graesser 2005 Asteroids
3D Tetris Bertram Staeding 2005? Tetris
Mazed Bhaswar Dasgupta year Platform
Vintage Pinball Eyeone Java games year Pinball
Blow Snake Axiom Games year Snakey
Kafel Axiom Games year Diamonds
Axiom Tron Axiom Games year Tron variant
DAX Axiom Games year Avoid em
Diamond geezer Axiom Games year Boulderdash? (doesn't work)
author year genre
author year genre
author year genre
author year genre